Depending on service parameters of the pipeline, reducers are fabricated from materials that meet the design requirements.

To satisfy the purchaser’s needs, we offer reducers manufactured in accordance with EN, ASTM and ANSI standards as well as KER catalogue.

We offer:

  • concentric reducers
  • eccentric reducers
  • non-standard length reducers (shortened and elongated)
  • non-standard sizes with large diameter apertures fitting specified diameters of connections, pipes and other elements
  • symmetrical and eccentric reducers – type A and B
  • other reducers depending on customer’s needs

Reducers are manufactured according to PN-EN 10253-2 and PN-EN 13480 standards.

We also deliver symmetrically rolled reducers in accordance with KER-81/2.12, unsymmetrically rolled reducers in accordance with KER-81/2.14, clenched reducers in accordance with KER-81/2.13, turned reducers in accordance with KER-81/2.15 and cling reducers in accordance with KER-80/2.16.